The benefits of using the Pure Water Cleaning System are:

  • The Pure Water Cleaning System cleans more effectively than conventional methods
  • Windows, atria, conservatories, panelling, canopies, fascia's, gutters and signs can now be cleaned to a spot clean finish
  • RCS Window Cleaning works safety from the ground, which eliminates the need for ladders and high access equipment
  • Previously inaccessible windows can be reached with ease
  • Environmentally friendly - no detergents or chemicals are used
  • Easily reaches over lawns flowers and shrubs
  • No detergent residue means windows are left cleaner for longer
  • Frames are cleaned at the same time as the glass
  • Reduces disturbance and maintains upper floor privacy
  • It is faster than traditional methods and is able to reach higher windows than is possible from the use of ladders
  • Ladders usually leaves marks on your property walls and window sills, they also leave ladder feet holes in your damp grass. Therefore, with our ladder less hot water system, we leave no damage to your property whatsoever.
  • New European laws makes working at height illegal if there is a viable alternative, so using the Pure Water Cleaning System allows us to fully comply with the Health & Safety Regulations.
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